LPPS Offers Summer Enrichment Program

Livingston Schools Offers First-Ever Summer Enrichment Program
Posted on 05/15/2020

Livingston Schools Offers First-Ever

Summer Enrichment Program


LIVINGSTON, La. – Livingston Parish School Superintendent Joe Murphy announced today that the district will offer its students a Summer Enrichment Program from May 26 to June 17 to better prepare them for the next level of math and English/language arts instruction they will receive in the upcoming school year.

  This 17-day program, which is open to students currently in Kindergarten through 8th grade, will also serve as a pilot effort for the district to better prepare for continuous remote learning that may be necessary in the coming school year.

  “This continuous learning program is designed to help those students who passed all their classes for the 2019-2020 school year, but who need more assistance in foundational skills needed to be successful in the next grade.  These students would greatly benefit from receiving advanced instruction in the courses they are scheduled to take in the fall,” Murphy said. 

  Murphy said this is the first time the district has offered this type of enrichment instruction over the summer.  The district each year offers remediation and credit recovery for students who have failed certain classes, and those programs will be offered again this summer for students in K-11th grades through continuous learning platforms. 

  “The programs we traditionally offer are about ‘going back’ to offer instruction in those courses that were not successfully completed in the previous school year.  This new enrichment program is about ‘going forward’ to offer foundational instruction in those subject areas that will be taken in the new school year,” Murphy said.

  Murphy noted that the 17-day instruction period will also be closely monitored and “tweaked” by curriculum leaders to better prepare the district for the implementation of an extensive virtual instruction platform at all grade levels in the fall.

  Supervisor of Instruction Kelly LaBauve said enrichment will be available in math and English/language arts.  Virtual instruction will be offered for an hour and 30 minutes each weekday, per subject.  Students will not go to a campus during the 17-day instruction period.

  Students may sign up for instruction in both subject areas, but they are asked to commit to being in attendance at least 15 days in each.

  “This is designed for those students who passed in all their subject areas, but they may have earned a least one F or three Ds in either their math or English/language arts classes,” LaBauve said.  “This is open to regular education students or any student with a special education designation, 504 or ELL (English language learner) designation.”

  “This new enrichment program is designed to help close learning gaps that may exist and support our goal of having all students ready to learn at the beginning of the next school year,” she said.

  LaBauve noted that the district has mailed a letter about the program to the parents of approximately 2,600 students who qualify for enrichment.  She said anyone interested in the program or those needing more information about the benefits of the program can contact their school principal at their school campus or call her at the central office at 225-686-4294.

  Murphy said the district is funding the new the program with monies received from the federal government’s COVID-19 relief package.  The district received a total of $4.4 million from the CARES Act to address priorities associated with the health and safety of students and employees, access to technology to implement and enhance continuous learning opportunities for summer enrichment, as well as establishing effective remote learning strategies in the future.  Murphy said the district plans to spend approximately $150,000 of the grant to fund the Summer Enrichment Program.

“We understand that each level of instruction can present new challenges, but we know that with a continued emphasis on critical new skill sets, those challenges can be minimized, giving our students the confidence to be successful in multiple learning environments,” Murphy said.

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