Central Office Special Education Staff

Eric Penalber, Ph. D. 225-686-4245 [email protected]
Director of Special Education: Coordinates Special Education Programs

             Central Office Special Education Staff

April Morgan
[email protected]
Special Education Transition Coordinator: Vocational Transition, April Dunn Act, Community Based,  Graduation Alliance 
Jackie Abington  664-4823 ext 33  [email protected]  IEP Facilitator: Significant Disabilities, Autism, LEAP Connect
Joni Walker, Ed.D 225-686-4276  
[email protected] Program Development Coordinator: Adaptive Physical Educators, Assistive Technology, Occupational/Physical Therapists, Teachers of the HOH/HI or VI, HOH/HI Interpreters, ESYS
Chris McGinnis  
686-7600 ext. 111  
[email protected]
Pupil Appraisal Coordinator: Social Workers, Psychologists, Educational Diagnosticians, Child Search, SBLC
Christy Wright 225-686-4249 [email protected] IEP Facilitator: Elementary Schools, March of Dimes
Darlene Davis 225-686-4252 [email protected] IEP Facilitator: Elementary Schools, Gifted/Talented Programs

Dee Langlois 225-686-4269 [email protected] IEP Facilitator: Jr. High and High Schools, New SPED Teacher Development
Velvet Crow 225-686-4242 [email protected]

Special Education Curriculum Coordinator: Homebound Services, SPED Coaches

Donna Ramsey, Ed.D  
[email protected]    
IEP Facilitator: Jr. High & High Schools
Meghan Yerby 225-686-4226 [email protected]
Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Coordinator: ECSE Program, TS Gold Compliance, 3-5 year-old-students identified with disabilities
Mimi Kimball 225-686-4267 [email protected] Special Education Discipline/IEP Facilitator: Discipline
Kellie Barbay  225-686-4232 [email protected] Special Education Discipline/IEP Facilitator: Discipline
Marcia McKnight
225-686-7600 ext. 145
[email protected] 504/Dyslexia Coordinator: Section 504 and Bulletin #1903 Compliance and Implementation
Michelle Purvis 225-686-4281
[email protected] IEP Facilitator: Elementary Schools, Special Education Resource Guide, Professional Development
Millie Caldwell  225-686-4247 [email protected] IEP Facilitator: High Schools
Monica Hanna    225-686-4243  [email protected]  Response to Intervention (RTI) Coordinator: Academic Interventions 
Roz McKneely  225-686-4374 [email protected]  IEP Facilitator:
Elementary Schools  
Tammy Crawford 225-686-4280 [email protected] Speech Coordinator: Speech Therapy & Audiology Program, SPED Technology ordering/tracking, SER WEB IEP Program, Medicaid Liaison/RMS, Speech IEP Facilitator/ Compliance 


Debbie Sawyer 225-686-4248
225-686-4335 Fax
[email protected] Director of Special Education's Secretary, SPED Office Manager, Travel Forms, Conference Request, Ordering for SPED Dept., Supplemental Pay Forms 
Blake Robards
225-686-4283 Fax
[email protected]
Records Secretary: Obtains records and jurisdiction for every student with special education services enrolling from outside LPPS district, sends records and closes services for all students (current & previous) who enroll outside LPPS school district, imports/scans all records into and maintains all files in PaperVision
Tairah Howard 225-686-4359
225-686-4283 Fax
[email protected] SER Operator: 
Class Reports, Child Count, SER Reports, PowerSchool and SER data review, SER compliance, SER evaluation processing, Out-of-System Reviews (OOSR).
Terri Ayme 225-686-4286
225-686-4283 Fax
[email protected] SER Operator: 
Class Reports, Child Count, SER Reports, PowerSchool and SER data review, SER compliance, SER evaluation processing, Out-of-System Reviews (OOSR).
Danielle Sholty 225-686-4244 [email protected] SER Secretary: Open IEP services on all students and assures services are entered in SER accurately, Medicaid, SPED Transportation.