Library Department

Library and Textbooks Department

Serena D. Turner - Supervisor

[email protected]

Tonya P. Antoine – Secretary
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Textbook Warehouse Personnel
Leshia B. Harris
Johnny Buggage
Terrance Taylor

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About the Library Department

The library program in Livingston Parish continues to flourish. Many innovative and exciting things take place as the library serves a major role in the instructional field. The libraries in this parish serve as a hub for the instructional program.

The school libraries are involved in many different programs. Some of the programs, such as the Accelerated Reader in elementary and middle schools, have supplemented the regular instructional program thus enabling our students to read better. Other programs such as World Book-Online and EBSCO will provide greater resources for research for our students. All libraries have Internet access and students and teachers are making good use of the availability of the teaching materials that are now right at their fingertips.

Finally, more improvements are on the way. We will attempt this year to upgrade library computer programs. We will also begin to upgrade our library standards, meaning we will become more media based than use of printed materials.