Mission & Statement of Beliefs



We believe:

The goal of our educational programs is to prepare students to become contributing members of society.
Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.
A safe and supportive learning environment promotes student achievement.
The allocation of our resources is in alignment with our mission and goals which helps to maximize the opportunity for students to learn and experience success in school.
Effective collaboration and communication with families as partners in the education of their children is essential to the success of our school system.
Students need to not only develop a deep understanding of essential knowledge and skills, but also develop the capacity to apply their learning, to reason, solve problems, and produce quality work.
The success of our school system depends on the commitment of all staff to high quality standards, expectations, and performances.
The development of the curriculum, design of instructional activities, and the use of assessment measures are focused on providing learning opportunities and feedback systems to enable students to achieve success.
Professional development is an integral part of our ongoing plan for continuous improvement.
The commitment to continuous improvement is expected of all stakeholders of the school system to achieve the goal of enabling all students to realize their potential in a rapidly changing, diverse, and global society.
Our mission is:

The mission of the Livingston Parish Public School System, in partnership with home and community, is to provide all students with exceptional educational opportunities that will equip life-long learners with the skills necessary to become productive, responsible citizens in a global society.

Our vision:

To become an exemplary school district in which every student achieves personal success through rigorous, engaging curriculum and collaborative support systems.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Goal I: To adopt or develop and implement at each elementary, middle, and secondary school, a systemic plan for teaching, learning, and assessment.

Financial Management

Goal II: To ensure effective and efficient use of public funds for the benefit of students, personnel and patrons of the Livingston Parish Public School System.

School/Community Relations and Support Services

Goal III: Actively seek and expand family, community, and school connections.

Goal IV: To develop and implement a plan for the construction and maintenance of facilities in the Livingston Parish Public Schools System.

Staff Recruitment, Selection and Development

Goal V: To develop and implement a continuing plan of staff development for all certified school personnel in Livingston Parish.


Goal VI: All Livingston Parish educators and learners will benefit from technology-rich environments that support student achievement and produce lifelong learners able to succeed in an information society

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